Download Cadimage Legends 13

Thank you for purchasing the Cadimage Legends for MasterTemplate (AMT). You may download and install the Cadimage Legends by following this summary. Access to other MasterTemplate files are available on your membership page.

The executive summary below is not intended to be a complete installation guide. Please download and read this Documentation PDF file for detailed step by step instructions for installation, configuration and usage.

DOWNLOAD & SETUP – Executive Summary

1. Please download either the USA or International version, plus the Documentation.

2. Unzip and place the contents into your AMT folder.

3. Open the Cadimage Legends PLN file; if necessary help the Library Manager find the libraries. In the View Map, activate the CADIMAGE LEGENDS view. Delete any parts of the Legends that show dots indicating missing library parts (assuming you loaded the libraries properly, and that these are components you do not own). Repeat for the RAPID DETAILER view. Save the PLN and close it.

NOTE: New users can skip all of the following steps, since they will be able to use the file which has AMT already integrated with the Cadimage Legends. Be sure to go through the QuickStart Guide, the MasterTemplate Manual, and the AMT 12.1 and AMT 13 Release Notes to become familiar with the AMT system.

4. If you have been using MasterTemplate, and have a custom MasterTemplate office TPL file, please create a backup copy before proceeding. Then open the TPL – be sure to use the Open command with the file-type popup set to TPL, so that you can actually edit the TPL file rather than a blank project.

5. Navigate to the INTERACTIVE LEGENDS | PLAN view (do NOT use the INTERACTIVE LEGENDS | WORKSHEET  view for this step). Use the File menu > Place Hotlinked Module command to insert a single-story hotlink to the CADIMAGE LEGENDS story of the Cadimage Legends PLN file. Be sure to paste into the Original Position. Create a View for these Legends in this folder. Switch to the INTERACTIVE LEGENDS | WORKSHEET view, zoom out to see the new Cadimage Legends added. Create a View for the Cadimage Legends in this worksheet folder.

6. If you own Rapid Detailer, create a New Independent Worksheet. Use the File menu > Place Hotlinked Module to insert a hotlink to the RAPID DETAILER story of the Cadimage Legends PLN file. Create two Views in the 2D LEGENDS folder, one with zoom enabled, the other with Ignore Zoom set.

7. Presets are available to speed up switching shape configurations in Window Builder and Door Builder. Copy or move the AMT folder from within the folder „Put contents into – ArchiCAD 13 – Cadimage Tools Extras – Defaults“ and place them in the indicated location. These text files are accessed using the Load Preset button available in the Window Builder (etc.) settings dialog.

8. Optional Installations:
a. Additional Views and Saved Zooms can be created to speed up access to the Cadimage Legends elements.
b. The AMT Cadimage Tool Scheme can be Imported into the Options menu > Work Environment > Tool Schemes.

NOTE: These instructions are correct for the USA version. The International version of the Cadimage Legends is structured slightly differently: it currently includes the Rapid Detailer Legend as a separate MOD file for Hotlinking, rather than a story in the Cadimage Legends PLN file. We plan to revise the International version to match the USA structure.

Please contact us with any questions or comments – we look forward to hearing from you!

Eric Bobrow
Principal, Bobrow Consulting Group
Creator of MasterTemplate – The Office Standard for ArchiCAD