Download MasterTemplate 12.1

Thank you for purchasing MasterTemplate (AMT). You may download the final version of MasterTemplate for ArchiCAD 12 by right-clicking and saving each file (see below) to your workstation. Read the „Executive Summary“ below for quick installation instructions.

NOTE: Other versions of MasterTemplate are available from the links in the sidebar menu.


MasterTemplate 12.1 is an updated version of MasterTemplate 12, revised with many new features.

Documentation is in two main parts: the Manual and QuickStart Guide refer to MasterTemplate 1.1, and the AMT12.1 Release Notes describe the new features, and give guidance for updating existing templates.

Download the Zip file and extract to a folder on your hard drive. You will find the following contents provided (note that the USA and INT versions have slightly different names):

  • MasterTemplate 12.1 (USA/INT) TEMPLATE.tpl – the new template itself
  • MasterTemplate 12.1 (USA/INT) LEGENDS.pln – the expanded interactive legends
  • AMT Office Favorites (INT).mod – this is Hotlinked into the TEMPLATE – for you to customize
  • AMT Project Favorites (INT).mod – this is Hotlinked into the TEMPLATE – can be reworked for each project PLN
  • MasterTemplate 12.1 (USA/INT) LIBRARY – a slightly expanded library with some new parts
  • MasterTemplate NEW PROJECT FOLDER – a folder that will be duplicated for each new project, with a subfolder structure suitable for filing all project-related documents

Many of the new features will be seen in the View Map in the area of the Interactive Legends. The Legends can now be accessed from a Worksheet, making it simpler to flip back and forth from your design context to the kit of parts. The Legends have also been expanded with complete room layouts („Quick Rooms“) and additional Matrixes of parts for different types of rooms. In addition, there are 3D views integrated into the Legends, as well as 3D Documents.The Release Notes describe all the new features in detail.

  • DOWNLOAD SAMPLE PROJECT files for MasterTemplate 12 USA
  • DOWNLOAD SAMPLE PROJECT files for MasterTemplate 12 INT

The SAMPLE PROJECT is provided to illustrate MasterTemplate in use on a small project. We have not updated the sample project yet for 12.1, so these files are the same as were included in the MasterTemplate 12 download.


These are NOT included in any other downloads, since they are updated periodically. Please use these links to download, and check back from time to time for the latest version.

  • DOWNLOAD the MasterTemplate QuickStart Guide
  • DOWNLOAD the MasterTemplate Manual


  • DOWNLOAD FREE LIBRARY PARTS (from various sources).
  • DOWNLOAD FREE TEXTURES (from Graphisoft GDL Depository)

NOTE: The FREE TEXTURES are a large download (>150 mb) and have not been updated since AMT 1.0, so you don’t need to download them again if you already have them.


Download the appropriate zip file and extract into a folder, and place into a single MasterTemplate (AMT) folder on your workstation or file server. Extract the contents of each zip archive. (Note that this screen image shows AMT 12 – the contents of the folder for AMT 12.1 will be slightly different.)

IMPORTANT: These files and folders may end up inside subfolders – if so, move these up to the „top level“ so they are all next to each other in the same AMT folder (see screenshot for USA version above). This folder can be placed wherever you find it convenient, but a great place is in your JOBS or PROJECTS folder on your local computer or on your server.

Open the MasterTemplate SAMPLE Project.pln file to start exploring how the template is set up. (The MasterTemplate SAMPLE – REMODEL.pln can be explored later, as it shows how we approach remodels.) To start using the template system, open the MasterTemplate 12 TEMPLATE.tpl file and customize with your company logo and title block, etc. Read the QuickStart Guide for more quick tips, and the Manual for more in-depth explanation.


Please check the MasterTemplate website ( for announcements, and use the Support Forum on the site for posting questions, problems or suggestions. You may also email your questions to

MasterTemplate is trademarked and copyrighted by Bobrow Consulting Group. Please do not share these files with your colleagues. Support our work by encouraging others to buy their own license at

If you’d like BCG to help you set up MasterTemplate, or are interested in project-focused assistance or guidance on how to optimize ArchiCAD for your office, we are available on a consulting basis. We can work remotely via GoToMeeting to share a screen while talking on the phone, and address any or all of your implementation or training questions. Please email or call us at 1-800-752-4314 if you’d like to discuss how we might help you.


Thanks for your purchase of MasterTemplate.
We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!

Eric Bobrow
Principal, Bobrow Consulting Group
Creator of MasterTemplate – The Office Standard for ArchiCAD