Download MasterTemplate for Start Edition 2010

Thank you for purchasing MasterTemplate (AMT). You may download and install the version for ArchiCAD Start Edition 2010 by following these instructions.

NOTE: Other versions of MasterTemplate are available from the links in the sidebar menu.


1. Please download this archive file, and unzip. You’ll get both the USA and International (metric) versions – use the one appropriate for your needs, and discard the other:

2. Unzip and place the contents together into a suitable folder (you may want to call it AMT, and place it into your My Documents or Documents folder).

3. Open up ArchiCAD Start Edition 2010, and tell it to browse for a file, choose All Files from the type popup rather than solo project, and go to that folder and open up the MasterTemplate_SE2010_[USA/INT].tpl file.

4. You will get the following warning message while the file is being read:

  • Drawings need updating – You can ignore this and click OK. (In general, you’ll always get this message when opening a file if you didn’t update every View before saving and closing. It’s only important as a reminder in case you open up a file and intend to print Layouts immediately – then you will need to update everything in order to get accurate prints or plots.)

5. You will want to customize the template to make it your own. A first step is to replace the company logo on the Master Layouts with your own company logo and/or contact information. You will find a sample file (AMT Layout Master Company Logo.jpg) in the MasterTemplate Linked Files folder, which you can open in an image editing program to use as a starting point for size and resolution. After you rework this graphic, you may copy and paste it onto the Master Layouts (title blocks). The actual Layouts will update to show your logo when you update any of the drawings on the sheet.

8. Other customization is described in the MasterTemplate Manual (see link below). As you revise the template, you may want to give it a different name than the original (MasterTemplate_SE2010_[USA/INT].tpl) to make it clear that this is your own version. This file should remain (and be saved as) a TPL (template) file.

9. If you’d like to bring into your template information from previous templates or projects in your office, you may open up two sessions of ArchiCAD (click the checkbox when you browse for the file to start a new instance of ArchiCAD), and copy and paste between the two.

10. You can use the TPL right away in your work – when you start a new project, you’ll pick the Use a Template option and browse for this file. Later, when you pick Use a Template it will remember this file as the default for new projects, and it will stay in the popup list in case you pick another one for any reason.


The documentation for MasterTemplate is in the process of revision. You may download the latest version here: MasterTemplate Manual. This manual was updated in April 2010; some sections at the end (from pages 91-105) will eventually be expanded further.

MasterTemplate for Start Edition 2010 is based on AMT13 for ArchiCAD 13, with changes made to allow it to function without Hotlinks or external Drawings such as PDFs.

You may find it useful to refer to the Release Notes for the past two versions, which go into further depth about certain features:

There are some additional video tutorials and other materials on this website in the Video Tips, Tips & Tricks, and Support sections.


At this point, the sample project files are only available in a format that can be read by the full version of ArchiCAD. To use them as a learning tool, we suggest you consider downloading a version of ArchiCAD 13, 14 or 15 from You can then open the sample project files for study, without needing to save any changes.

Please explore the Sample Projects that illustrate many of the features of MasterTemplate in context.

ALL the library parts used in the model or referenced by the template Legends (kits of parts) are embedded into the sample project files, so they do not rely on an outside library. This is not the way we suggest working on a normal project. We do this so that International users may open the files without needing to download the entire USA library.

When you open the sample projects, you’ll get the standard warning messages about the Hotlinked Modules being missing, which you can ignore – leaving them unlinked will not cause any problems as you browse around inside the file.

There are two main sample files: one functions as a base design, and the other as a remodeled version that has the base file hotlinked into it. For general study of MasterTemplate, open the base SAMPLE PROJECT. To understand how we recommend working on a remodel, review the section in the manual on this topic and open the SAMPLE REMODEL PROJECT. (NOTE: Since the Start Edition does not allow Hotlinking files, the method used in the example AMT remodel project will have to be adapted.)


If you have questions, you may send them via email to or post them in the MasterTemplate Support Forum.

If you’d like BCG to help you set up MasterTemplate, or are interested in project-focused assistance or guidance on how to optimize ArchiCAD for your office, we are available on a consulting basis. We can work remotely via GoToMeeting to share a screen while talking on the phone, and address any or all of your implementation or training questions. Please email or call us at 1-800-752-4314 if you’d like to discuss how we might help you.


Thanks for your purchase of MasterTemplate. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!

Eric Bobrow
Principal, Bobrow Consulting Group
Creator of MasterTemplate – The Office Standard for ArchiCAD